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System 1 Thinking and Cognitive Bias

In the 2011 Thinking,Fastand Slow book by psychologist Daniel Kahneman, the author describes how cognitive biases are unconscious and automatic processes designed to make our decision-making quicker and more efficient.

These biases can be caused by a number of different things, such as heuristics (mental shortcuts), social pressures, and emotions. Heuristics are quick mental shortcuts, to help you make quicker decisions. However, they are also the reason why we often jump to wrong conclusions and interpret scammy situations (or emails or webpages) to be seemingly legitimate.

Research suggests that 80% of our day is spent in this fast-thinking mode.

This unfortunately is another reason why we are vulnerable to manipulation and social engineering attacks and explains why many attacks (and good salespeople) will include a sense of urgency in their tactics. They literally don't want us to think slowly.

Next, read how to activate our slow thinking or System 2 thinking brain when it matters.

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