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Mindfulness in Cyber Research Links

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

Useful Links

Here I'll share links to articles and podcasts about the topic of Mindfulness in Cyber.

Article in ITWeb about Multitasking, distraction cause cyber security vulnerability

Published: January 2023

Article in Brainstorm Magazine about Mindful Security

Published: January 2023

Podcast Cyber Mindfulness with TechCentral:

This is a link to TechCentral’s Impact Series where I got to chat with James Erasmus about some of the mindfulness techniques and tools that can help individuals and companies be better prepared to tackle social engineering risks:

Published: December 2022

Article in Engineering News about a Mindful October Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Published: October 2022

Podcast Cyber Mindfulness on the 8th Layer Insights Show with Perry Carpenter

In this episode, we explore the topic of cyber mindfulness. And to do so, we'll be hearing from Anna Collard, Michael Davis, and Yvonne and Jasmine Eskenzi.

Published: September 2022

Research on Training to Mitigate Phishing Attacks Using Mindfulness Techniques

Turkelson, L., Mano, Q. The Current State of Mind: a Systematic Review of the Relationship Between Mindfulness and Mind-Wandering. J Cogn Enhanc (2021).

Published 2017

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